Potential adopters meet Bailey, a 5-year-old Goldendoodle.  He is such an EASY DOG to love!  Bailey was lovingly surrendered to Golden Retriever Rescue of Iowa by his previous owner, who had significant health issues and wanted Bailey to find a wonderful next home to love and care for him.

Bailey is confident and curious about anything new to his environment.  He loves his daily walks and will grab and carry his leash to you when getting ready.  Bailey walks very well on the leash at a heal with a shortened leash and he does not pull when at the end of his leash, unless he spies a squirrel, which triggers his prey drive, and then he will pull in an attempt to get the squirrel.   Anyone who walks Bailey must be mindful of this as he is a strong boy and will chase and bark at squirrels.  A verbal command (“leave it”), redirection, and/or treats are best ways to intervene when this occurs.

Bailey loves to play frisbee in the back yard!  Additionally, he loves to chase a ball (he is still working on returning and dropping, but a treat helps).  Bailey is a strong chewer, so durable toys such as West Paw, Ruff Dawg, Kong, and Spunky Pup are a must.  He has these now and they will accompany him to his forever home.  No soft or stuffed toys.  They will not last, although if he gets ahold of one, he does not swallow any of the stuffing.  

Upon arrival at his foster home, Bailey displayed counter surfing tendencies, and he also puts inappropriate things such as towels, slippers, shoes, etc. in his mouth and carries them around.  We are working on these behaviors and he has greatly improved, but continued work is needed.  Children in the home must be 12 and over for this reason.

Bailey was cat tested at a local rescue in a controlled environment and passed with flying colors, however he encountered a cat in a home setting and that cat ran and Bailey gave chase.  Any relationship with a cat will take some time to work out.  Slow controlled introductions are a must.

Bailey is an amazing traveler.  The trip to his foster home was 4 ½ hours and he settled in his car carrier and slept most of the way.  Bailey loves to go places; especially pet friendly stores such has Home Depot and Lowes.  Bailey’s foster parents and their 3-year-old Golden Retriever train at these places with four other dogs and Bailey joins right in.  

Bailey is affectionate, well mannered, and respects personal space.  He will approach and sit and this is his way of requesting affection which he loves.  He has no toy or food aggression and has a soft mouth when taking treats.  Bailey is fed in his kennel and runs there when it is time to eat.  Bailey will kennel for a couple of hours when errands need to be run, however he does not like to be kenneled overnight.  He may be fine if the kennel was located in your bedroom, however this has not been confirmed.  

Bailey’s husbandry skills are amazing.  He sits to have his ears cleaned once a week.  Additionally, he loves to have his teeth brushed every evening after his nightly biscuit.  On the rainy/snowy days, Bailey will sit to have his paws wiped when he comes back inside.  Treats help with this process.

The ideal family/person for Bailey is one that will be around him most of the time.  This is his #1 requirement.  Bailey loves his people.  His adopter(s) must be a pack leader and set appropriate boundaries.  He responds well to positive reinforcement training methods.  Bailey gets along with other dogs, but prefers those with a calm temperament.  Bailey would also be fine as an only dog.  A fenced yard is required because of Bailey’s love of exploring and playing frisbee and ball.  

The vet who performed his wellness exam indicated she would have adopted him on the spot if not for having a senior dog with medical issues at home.  Friends of his fosters have described him as “Regal”, “Noble”, “Handsome”, “A KEEPER”, and “So CALM”.  This boy will steal your heart.  Are you the right adopter for handsome Bailey?


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Located in:

Cedar Rapids, IA



Forever Home Requirements:

*Physical fence required (no invisible fence)

*Gets along with dogs

*Ok with cats but needs slow introduction

*Children 12+

*No apartments/condos/townhomes