Please welcome Red to GRRoIOWA’s available dogs.   Red is a two year old female Golden Retriever who came in with Tina, Phillip and Bruce, but she is not a sibling to them.   She has been brought up to date on her vaccinations and promptly went into heat.   She will be spayed once she gets through her cycle and it is safe to spay her.  

She is a very sweet girl, but full of energy.  An active family is a must.  She loves to carry things around in the house, but is not destructive.  She crates well at night.

Initially, she had a few accidents in the home, but that has gotten better.  We are working on leash training and jumping on people for attention.   Training will be necessary for her to be her best self. 

She lives with two large dogs in foster care and although she is not playful with our dogs, she does coexist with them.  We believe she could be okay as an only dog or with another dog that was not expecting a playmate.  

She is not a barker.

Her forever home would ideally have a physical fence, but if not, a solid plan to keep her safe in the yard would be necessary.

Red lives with children and we feel she would do just fine with kids over 8, but it would depend on the activity level of the kids in the home. 

If you are interested in Red, please fill out an adoption application.


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Located in:

West Liberty, IA



Forever Home Requirements:

*Physical fence preferred but optional (must have plan to keep her safe if no fence)

*Gets along with dogs

*No apartments or condos

*No cats

*Children 8+