Adoption Update

Sonny was unselfishly surrendered on the 7th of April by a loving family who knew he needed more attention than he was presently getting. He was a wild child greeting the transport volunteer soaking up all pets and attention along with clinging to his mom under the table. When it was time to leave, Sonny jumped right into the vehicle, laid down and not one peep was heard from him.


It was stated Sonny needed exercise, so the first 3 days of decompression three big walks were taken in his own dog park!  He loved all the smells and freedom that the harness provided.


After the fourth day, Sonny learned the routine of the home quickly!  First was to empty the 2 big bins of toys!  At the bottom, he even found a Christmas toy.  He loved to carry them around and shake them fearlessly from one level of the house to the other hoarding them in the lower level family room.


Since Sonny was a little underweight, his vet increased his food.  He patiently sat while it was delivered to his stand and ate every morsel.  After dinner at 4, he LOVES to eat a piece of cheese and summer sausage with his brother Brinkley.  He sits perfectly waiting for his turn.


The greatest trait that Sonny has is his love of snuggling!  He loves to sleep with his parents, sit on dad’s lap and lean against his mom and dad’s body at their feet!


With all of Sonny’s needs met, we are sure he will live a happy, loved, adored life.  Congratulations Sonny, you hit the jackpot!