Adoption Update

Titan – now known at Otis – came to us as a typical breeder dog, terrified of everything and everyone.  He’d run at any quick movement we made. He growled when we’d walk towards him. He started to trust us because he saw how much our dog Ella, a rescued Bernese mountain dog, trusted us. He took his cues from her, and he realized we weren’t going to hurt him. 


The most memorable moment was from the first night when it was raining. I wiped Ella’s paws off before she came back in. Otis saw and sat then lifted his paws to be wiped off too. He was scared, but seeing Ella he knew it was ok. 

He’s totally comfortable with both of us even after a short period of time, which I credit to Ella.  He is still nervous of new people, but seeing Ella get pets from strangers has given him confidence that people aren’t all bad.   

He’s a different dog from the one that arrived. He’s incredibly gentle and sweet. All he wants is cuddles and to play fetch.    

We are happy to report that Otis is home.  We look forward to being his forever home and watching him learn how wonderful it is to be a dog 

titan otis 24-008 (450 x 600)