Ollie is a 82 pound, 2 year old neutered male creme curly doodle who was rescued by the surrendering owner.  He is incredibly smart and eager to please.   He can be shy of new people, especially men with beards, but warms up quickly and then he just wants to be with his people. 

Ollie was surrendered because having been crated for the 1st year of his life, he had a bit of separation anxiety.  The surrendering owner started taking him to the farm daily, but he had a high prey drive for the chickens and cats.   He also enjoyed chasing the calves for the fun of it.   

He has been in foster care for a few weeks and the foster is starting to look for a forever home for him.  Here is what she had to say about him:

🐾Very cuddly 82 lbs boy

🐾Knows his name, sit, and lay down

🐾House Trained 

🐾Sleeps peacefully through the night and loves to sleep in

🐾Does good with other dogs but takes a day or two to adjust to personalities

🐾Foster has not had him around children or cats but previously he had been around kids 5-12.  He can be a bit much for the little ones, so kids over the age of 8 will be best. 

🐾Good loose leash walker but may pull for the first minute or when he finds a smell.   Redirected very easily.

🐾Physical fence recommend as his old life as a farm dog led to him chasing farm animals🐓🐄

🐾Does well in the kennel

🐾Barks at animals and amazon delivery drivers

If you are interested in Ollie please fill out an online application

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Located in:

Des Moines, IA



Forever Home Requirements:

*Physical fence recommended (no invisible fence)

*Good with kids

*Gets along with other dogs but needs slow introductions (a few days)

*Unknown if gets along with cats

*No apartments or condos