Weaver is a five year-old English retriever.   He is a very good natured dog. He just wants to be loved and be by his people.  He knows his name, sit, down and we are working on, go away and no.  He will need extra training but he loves learning and wants to please.  He turns out to be housebroken and getting used to being inside the house. He sleeps peacefully through the night and he gets along well with my dog. I’ve not had him around kids, but living with kids would be dependent on the kids and their behaviors.   He enjoys walks, but pulls a bit. A fence will be best because he shows a strong interest in bunnies and squirrels. This strong prey drive leads us to believe he will do better in a cat free home.   He does have a little separation anxiety when I leave I can hear him or howl and also when I come home, I can hear him through the door, but  only at times. He is a beautiful dog and just wants to have a forever home that will love him forever and give him the love and attention he so deserves.  

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Located in:

Minneapolis area



Forever Home Requirements:

*Physical fence required (no invisible fence)

*Good with older kids

*Gets along with other dogs

*Needs a home without cats

*No apartments or condos